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Froggwoods Professional Dog Grooming Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn how to groom dogs professionally but can't quit your job for 2-6 months to go to school?    Are you already a Professional Groomer and would benefit from some Continuing Education?  Whether you are a novice with limited to no experience, or a professional groomer just looking to hone a specific skill, we have a fit for you.  

Non-groomer classes are available and especially suited for pet care providers such as pet sitters, doggy daycares, dog walkers and more.  We can teach you how to provide simple grooming maintenance for your furry clients which in turn will help you better accommodate their needs.  It is a wonderful way to support your current business and increase your revenue.  

Although it is possible to test for a grooming certification, it is not a necessity to obtain one in order to become a professional groomer. We can, however help you prepare for the test. In order to get a great job as a professional groomer or to open your own shop, you really need expert training and practical, hands-on experience with dogs.  

Our Instructor has over 20 years professional experience.  We are not one of those over crowded and over priced grooming schools.  We will work with you personally in order to keep learning to a maximum and you can pay for one lesson or several.  We will go at your pace.  The dogs we use for lessons are real dogs from local shelters and rescues!  What a wonderful way to help homeless pets and learn a career that you'll love! 

Our lessons are starting all the time for your convenience so there is no need to wait!  Remember that you can take as little as one lesson per week or as much as two lessons per day! We require payment prior to each class so you can pay as you go or pay all at once.  We accept major credit cards, cash or check (upon approval). Please call, email or drop by for more information and a tour!  We're excited to get you on your way to a unique and rewarding career!  See you soon!

Did you know that most full time groomers make a great living with income potential of $40,000 and up!!!  That's not including the fabulous tips that you receive from wonderful clients!

Dog Grooming Classes from Beginner to Continuing Education & Private Seminars

  • Taught  by a Highly Skilled Instructor of 20+ years
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Grooming Tool Packages Available

Basics of Dog Grooming $2000 (Certificate of Completion)

10 lessons  (2 weeks)

Grooming Tools Provided

Introduction to Grooming Tools & Equipment, Bathing, Brushing & Combing, Hand Drying, Safe Dog Handling, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning

Beginner Grooming $2000 (Certificate of Completion)

10 lessons (2 weeks)

You need some basic grooming tools or may choose to purchase a beginner tool package from us ($350)

Safety in Clippering & Scissoring, Dog Handling Procedures for Clippering, Pre-Clipping, Trimming the Feet, Face & Sanitary Areas, Expressing Anal Glands, How to complete a Basic Short Clip Style, Introduction to the Clipper Vac

Intermediate Grooming $2000 (Certificate of Completion)

10 lessons (2 weeks)

You will need a complete professional grooming tool package (add to your beginners kit +$150)

Adapter Clips (fluffy cuts), Puppy Cuts, Trimming & Styling Tails & Ears, Safe De-Matting Procedures, Nail Buffing/Dremmeling

Advanced Grooming: $2000 (Certificate of Completion)

10 lessons (2 weeks)

Must have a complete professional grooming tool package

Focus on Breed Pattern Clips, Poodle Feet & Face, Pom-Poms, Beards & Brows, Skirts, Crowns, Blending, Tipping Ears, Ear Plucking/Flushing

*Complete Course from Basics to Advanced:  8 weeks at $8,000 plus Professional grooming tool package at $500 

Groom Your Own Dog For The Novice Pet Owner

1 lesson (2-3 hours) $250 for Non-Clippered dogs plus normal grooming fee for your pet

1 lesson (4-6 hours) $500 for Clippered dogs plus normal grooming fee for your pet

We will provide all grooming equipment & tools or you may bring your own

You will learn what tools are needed for your pet's grooming and how to bathe, brush, de-mat, hand dry, trim nails, clean ears and clip your pet if needed

Intensive Tailored Lessons (What do you want to learn?)

Pay per lesson/ $50 per hour

We will provide all grooming equipment and tools

Brushing, De-Matting, Ear Plucking/Flushing/Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Anal Gland Expression, Customer Service & Business Related, Scissoring Techniques, Basic CPR & First Aid, Holistic Product Use (making mud baths, hot oil treatments etc.), Embellishments (bow making, bandanas, bow ties, feather extensions, nail painting etc.), Grooming Safety & Dog Handling for Groomers and more!

Practical Hands On Experience

Pay per 2-4 hour hands on session $150

If you would like to expand your experience, we can arrange dogs for you to work on after you have learned how to groom.  This is a great way to gain practical grooming experience without the worry of making a mistake on a paying customers dog.  You will still be working under a watchful Instructor's eye but be working on your own.

Continuing Education for Professional Groomers

Are you a professional groomer that wants to learn something new or really want to master some technique that has eluded you?  Maybe you are an employer that would like to offer your groomers some continuing education for better performance?  Either way, we offer a solution for you. 

  • Hands On Learning $50 per hour per student (You learn while working hands on a dog); Receive Certificate of Completion
  • Private Seminar $200 for up to 2 students and $25 per each additional (2 hours tailored to your specific needs); Receive Certificate of Completion
This is a seated seminar.  You will learn from the instructor while she works on a dog pertaining to your specific needs.  You will be able to ask as many questions as you would like throughout the seminar.  These are small, limited seminars so that you and/or your employees receive the full benefit of our Instructor.