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Welcome to A Big Place For Small Dogs!

Doggy Daycare & Playschool exclusively for little dogs

Finally! A special place just for little dogs!

Why drop your pet off at a babysitters when you can give your pet a fulfilling and life enriching experience at Froggwoods Daycare for the same price! 

We have a wonderful staff of trainers that lead an organized day of activities for your pet.  They also incorporate basic obedience and helpful behavior commands into their curriculum.  Wouldn't it be nice if your dog would actually come when called? Of course it would and we work on that and many other useful commands throughout your pet's fun filled day! 

We currently keep the size of dogs to around 45#'s or less for the safety and well-being of our playschool guests.  Most little dogs prefer their own size group and it is much safer for them even if every once in a while they get snippy with each other. 

Unlike most doggy daycares, we do not encourage or inadvertently cause bad behaviors in your dog.  We take them out several times per day and keep track of their health during their visits.

You also have the option of signing up for daily reports of your pet with photos and videos so that you can see how they are doing each day!!! How fun is that?!

Come on in and see our brand new, super clean daycare/school!  We know your pet will love it here and the first day is always FREE!!!!!