Dog Training

Weekly Classes

(Contact us for current scheduling times)

Puppy Socialization

Focuses on proper and safe socialization of puppies to other puppies and humans and some introductory training

You bring your puppy to class for an hour once per week for 4 weeks

Maximum 8 puppies per class

$130 Total

Basic Manners

Focused on basic commands such as sit, down, wait/stay, greeting people in a calm manner and nip-free play etc.

You bring your dog to class for one hour per week for 4 weeks

$140 Total


A fun for all class to introduce your pet to the world of Agility!

4 one hour per week class

$140 Total

Training Programs

We train your pet for you!

(Start anytime)

Basic Obedience

2 Weeks $475 (Daycare Included)

Includes the 5 Basic Commands such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel & Down.  We will also address some common behavior issues such as jumping up on people.  Your pet will learn how to patiently wait at doors prior to entering and exiting and to sit quietly on a leash when you are stopped.

*Large dogs (over 45#'s or less) are by appointment only

(10 Private Sessions by Trainer) $500

Advanced Off-Leash Obedience

4 Weeks- $950 (Daycare Included)

*Your pet will learn to effectively Large dogs by appointment only

(20 Private Sessions by Trainer) $1,000

Your dog will learn to effectively and reliably perform all of the basic obedience commands while off-leash.

Behavior Modification


Aggression, Fear/Shyness, Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Housebreaking, Jumping Up, Lick Granuloma problems, Pica, Unruliness, Sexual Mounting



Would you like your dog to learn some fun tricks?  Our trainers can teach your dog to be the life of the party! You pick the tricks or we'll teach some fun ones like rollover, play dead, etc...

Personal Protection

6 Private Sessions by Trainer $1,200

Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Obedience.

Your pet will learn to protect you on command.  Not every dog will bite, but most can and will learn to bark aggressively in order to scare a threatening person away.  We will evaluate your dog in order to define his/her potential to protect.