Meet our grooming stylists!

Salon Appointment Grooming

We believe that each pet deserves special, individualized care.  In order to offer this high quality care, your pet's stylist has a specific block of time that she sets aside specifically to groom and pamper your special pet. This means that if you do not show up for your pet's appointment, your stylist will lose out on pay and may have to wait around for several hours until her next scheduled appointment arrives. 

In order for us to continue to provide this straight through grooming service, we simply ask for the courtesy of 24 hours notice if you will be unable to make your pet's appointment time or for a call if you will be a little late.  We really appreciate your kind understanding in this regard.  We do charge a $25 no-show/late cancel fee.  This fee goes directly to  your pet's stylist and is payable at your next visit.  This helps us to employ the best seasoned stylists to serve you.  


Pet Stylist
**After suffering a serious dog bite (from a great dane) and due to some other health issues that I've been dealing with, I am Retiring from grooming at this time. I would like to thank all the wonderful Froggwoods clients, stylists and team members that made Froggwoods the number 1 grooming salon in Overland Park for the past 6 years!  I highly recommend ANY of the other stylists that you see here as they are the top stylists in our area. They are wonderful with the dogs and have always taken great pride in all they do! Thank you again to all of my loyal clients and I will miss all of you and your precious puppies! So sorry that we couldn't keep going but please know that we turned every stone and tried anything we could to stay open until the very end.  My love to you all and please give your pets one last hug from me.  Your friend always, Gina  

20+ Years Professional Grooming Experience

Reiki I & II

Specialty: Cute round faces and fluffy puppy cuts

Approximate turnaround time: 1-2 hours


Pet Stylist & Instructor
**Congratulations Andrea!  She is now at her new location at: 
Go Pet Go soon to be Pettersson Natural Pet at 6200 Johnson Drive in Mission and can be reached at 
Andrea has been with us from the start and she has so much talent that it is clearly unrivaled by anyone.  If you are a perfectionist, then this is your girl!  She will spend the time it takes to get things just right! I would highly recommend her to anyone and she will always put your pet's health and well being before beauty.  She is a real gem! 
Thanks Andrea for making Froggwoods IMPECCABLE!

  • 20+ Years Professional Grooming Experience
  • Owned a Successful Grooming Salon
  • Assisted in Local Grooming Shows & Seminars
Specialty: Expert Scissoring in Breed Patterns & Topknots
Approximate turnaround time: 2 hours


Pet Stylist
Lees Summit, Mo
She is an amazing stylist and has a great fun-loving personality with people and their pets. I have met few stylists that can rival her fun and spunky nature! I highly recommend Lori to anyone who wants to be sure that their pet is well cared for and will look like he/she just walked down a Hollywood red carpet!
Thanks Lori for making Froggwoods UNRIVALED & FUN!

20+ Years Professional Grooming Experience

Formerly worked in California's busy animal control workforce to help injured and abused animals

Mobile grooming in some of California's most affluent areas

Owned her own successful grooming business in Hawaii

Specialty: The Soft More Natural Style

Approximate turnaround time: 1-2 hours


Pet Stylist
**Congratulations Elena! She will be setting up a wonderful grooming salon out of her beautiful home in Olathe! 
You may contact her at
What a fun and talented stylist! Elena is always so full of life and her Russian accent is so adorable! I would highly recommend Elena as she has such a good heart and a wonderful way with animals!  She is so talented and kind and always takes great care in helping you decide what is best for your pet. You could not ask for a better stylist! 
Thanks Elena for making Froggwoods AMAZING!

10+ Years Professional Grooming Experience

Specialty: Skilled in all breed types

Approximate turnaround time: 1-2 hours


Brooke is not pictured but she was a wonderful new addition to our Froggwoods Stylist Family and had recently come from a neighboring salon at Oxford Animal Hospital.  

She may be grooming from home for a short while. 

Please text her at 913-972-1156 for more information

Brooke is a true sweetheart with a heart of gold!  You could not ask for a softer, sweeter stylist that exudes love for all of the pets in her charge.  She has so much talent and always so willing and wanting to learn every facet of grooming. I highly recommend her with full trust for the care and welfare of your special pet!

Thanks Brooke for making Froggwoods INCREDIBLE!