Froggwoods Professional Dog Grooming Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn how to groom dogs professionally but can't quit your job for 2-6 months to go to school?    Are you already a Professional Groomer and would benefit from some Continuing Education?  Whether you are a novice with limited to no experience, or a professional groomer just looking to hone a specific skill, we have a fit for you.  

Non-groomer classes are available and especially suited for pet care providers such as pet sitters, doggy daycares, dog walkers and more.  We can teach you how to provide simple grooming maintenance for your furry clients which in turn will help you better accommodate their needs.  It is a wonderful way to support your current business and increase your revenue.  

Although it is possible to test for a grooming certification, it is not a necessity to obtain one in order to become a professional groomer. We can, however help you prepare for the test. In order to get a great job as a professional groomer or to open your own shop, you really need expert training and practical, hands-on experience. When available, shelter and rescue dogs will be implemented in the learning process. What a rewarding way to help homeless pets while learning a career that you'll love!

The pet industry can be a consistent, almost recession proof field, and with a quicker return on your educational investment vs. other learning institutions, it can also be a perfect career choice! Our grooming programs are tailored and designed to fit individual and specific needs. With reasonable prices and flexible learning sessions. A life long skill may now be attainable to anyone. 

Our lessons are starting all the time for your convenience so there is no need to wait! We require payment prior to each class so you can pay as you go or pay all at once.  We accept major credit cards, cash or check (upon approval). Please call, email or drop by for more information and a tour!  We're excited to get you on your way to a unique and rewarding career!  See you soon!

Did you know that most full time groomers make a great living with income potential of $40,000 and up!!!  That's not including the fabulous tips that you receive from wonderful clients!

Dog Grooming Classes from Beginner to Continuing Education & Private Seminars

  • Taught  by a Highly Skilled Instructor of 20+ years
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Grooming Tool Packages Available

A, The complete groomer

This program consists of 4 levels, and requires 9 weeks for completion. Each level is a continuing building block for the next, and prepares the student by setting a solid foundation before advancing. 

Level 1. Fundamentals of bathing & brushing ($1200 certificate of completion)

- 80 Hours

Introduction to grooming equipment/bathing tools, correct bathing & brushing techniques, hand drying, identifying basic skin conditions and treatments, nail clipping, expressing anal glands, ear cleaning and safe dog handling
Objective: Attain professional bather and brusher status

Level 2. Beginner Grooming ($1500 certificate of completion)
-80 Hours
Safety in clippering and scissoring, dog handling procedures for clippering, trimming of the feet, face and sanitary areas, introduction to the clipper vac
Objective: Perform the basic neaten all over trim

Level 3. Intermediate Grooming ($2000 certificate of completion)
-80 Hours
Introduction to basic haircuts (one length all over). Identifying body blades, comb attachments and scissors, haircut assessment (what is best for pet and owner)
Objective: Complete a basic short style clip

Level 4. Advanced Grooming ($3500 certificate of completion)
-120 Hours
Focus on breed pattern clips, specialty face and feet trimming (poodle, schnauzer etc.) Advanced scissoring and finishing work, dealing with clients/customer service
Objective: To safely produce a professionally groomed pet with confidence and integrity

B. Continuing Education for Professional Groomers - Class Cost $50.00/Hour

This program is for established groomers with questions unique to the individual. A groomer might wish to perfect certain skills or simply learn new techniques. Subjects could include breed patterns, tips and tricks, spa/skin treatments or finishing touches (bow making, etc.). A groomer may now customize their own learning experience.

Private Seminars

These are seated lectures in a group setting. Seminar content is predetermined by the instructor, however, other topics may be covered by prior request. An open forum is always encouraged. You will learn while observing a live dog demo with question and answer periods. Seminar settings are also ideal for employers who wish to provide employees with continuing education. These are small, limited seminars so that you and/or your employees receive the full benefit of the instructor. 

Private seminar cost-$200 for up to two students and $25 per each additional student. (2 Hour Session) Receive Certificate of Completion

C. Customer/Client Course-Class Cost $50.00/Hour

This program is for the client who would prefer to groom their pet personally. This would best suit individuals with pets who would benefit from the comfortable environment of at home grooming.

Course Includes:

Safety Issues

Equipment Use (available for purchase)


Basic understanding of their specific breed haircut 

*Course Completion approximately 2-4 Hours, but not limited to*

Practical Hands On Experience

Pay per 2-4 hour hands on session $150

This course if for our newly graduated grooming students (or groomers who are new to the profession) who wish to gain real world experience, while perfecting their grooming skills. This program will prepare the groomer to work independently in a practical and controlled work setting, while still gaining an instructors perspective. 

Basic CPR and First Aid

Learn basic life saving techniques with hands on training and real life simulations demonstrated on an authentic CPR "dummy" dog. Learn how to identify possible problematic symptoms, and treatment there of until vet care is possible. This class is a must for all pet care providers including groomers, pet sitters, doggy day care/walkers and pet owners who wish to be prepared with life saving skills. 

Saturdays ONLY - space is limited and reserved by appointment only

Class Cost: (2-3 hour session) $125.00

Certificate of Completion