froggwoods is truly unique!

We are a family owned and operated business since 2013 that cares about animals and our community.  We offer many unique options for your pet:

Actual Salon Appointment Times

  • Are you tired of leaving your pet all day?  We give your pet an actual appointment time where the stylist sets aside that block of time just for your dog.  Your pet is groomed start to finish usually within 1-3 hours depending upon which stylist that you choose.  (Each stylist works at her own unique pace.) Do you go to work early? Don't worry, you are always welcome to drop your pet off at any time prior to his/her appointment and they may stay until close if you would like.

Cage-"less" Salon & Spa Visits

  • All friendly pets have playtime outside of kennels to socialize, play or just relax until they are picked up

 Hand Drying

  • We never use heated cage dryers!  Dogs are dried by our skilled groomers with adjustable high velocity air dryers that fluff and spread the coat.  When we have pets that are scared of hand dryers, we will utilize a low velocity ambient air dryer to safely dry your pet.

Warm Water

  • Unlike some grooming shops, we do actually use warm water so that your pet enjoys a relaxing and therapeutic bath experience.

Luxurious & Highest Quality Products

  • We do not use dish soap to wash your dog! We use only the highest quality organic and natural products on the market and even make our own special skin treatments.  We never skimp on quality!

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Monday-Friday 7:30a.m.-5:30p.m.

Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Major Holidays

7800 W. 119th St.

Overland Park, Ks 66213

(In Rosana Square Shopping Ctr. 2 doors down from Title Boxing)

Store Closing

We are sad to announce that as of 12/10/18 we are Closed.  

We worked tirelessly to try and open dog boarding at our location which

was our plan from the beginning. However, our request was petitioned against by the neighbors in "The Villas" located behind our shop. 

Our family has endured tremendous stress and strain over this issue. We just wanted/needed to be able to board a few dogs overnight in order to compete with all of the other pet businesses in the area.  We had an amazing plan for boarding that the dogs and clients would love but to no avail.  Even though the Overland Park Planning Commission approved our request, it was when it went to the Overland Park City Council that our

permit was declined because of a few people that assumed we would be noisy neighbors. (We weren't. Not even one noise complaint in 8 months!)

Well, too late to move locations as the papers were signed and moving was in progress so we tried our best to continue.  Unfortunately, without the 

income from boarding, our amazing grooming salon and fledgling doggy

daycare could not pay the bills on their own.  So there it is.  We are probably one of the most successful businesses to actually go out of business.  But we sure gave it a go!  Please keep our former Froggy Family members (Abby, Liz, Andrea, Elena, Brooke, Lori, Lindsey, Teri, Adrianna & Chance) in your thoughts this holiday season as none of us wanted to leave Froggwoods. 

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve this community and we have completely LOVED working at our location and making friends and creating the best grooming facility ever!  I know we might be a little biased, but seriously, we wanted the best for our pets and clients!   Thank you to ALL of our amazing and wonderful and loyal clients!  Sorry that we couldn't finish the Holiday Season this year.  We love you all so much and hopefully you will be able to follow your groomer stylists to their new locations! (SEE GROOMING PAGE FOR THEIR INFO!) 

Lots of Love to you all!


Gina, Nate & Abby  

A nicer place for your pet...

our name is different because we are different! Experience Froggwoods and nothing less will ever do...

Salon & Spa

What is an holistic pet spa?  To simplify, "Holistic" basically equates to  "whole"  caring for a dog's body, mind, and spirit .


In order to do this, we have created a grooming salon with a fun and safe spa atmosphere for your pet.  We have taken extra measures in order to ensure that your pet has an enjoyable and soothing stay with us 

including beautiful spa music, beneficial aromatherapy using therapeutic-grade essential oils and t.v. for dogs that like their afternoon cinema.


We offer every friendly dog a "cage-less" experience!  We have play areas (Playcare included FREE) for the dogs to socialize if they would like.  We also have nice mini cabins or open wire private cubbies for those pets that are a little shy or otherwise have special needs. Just let us know what option you prefer for your pet.  There is no charge for cage-less options.

*Current vaccinations including Bordatella (kennel cough) is required for cageless options. Thank you for your understanding.

Titer Tests Gladly Accepted and Encouraged!


Grooming Playpens!

Sorry, we're still waiting for our sign!

7800 W. 119th St. Overland Park, Ks 66213

913-491-FROG (3764)